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Fueling for performance doesn't have to feel overwhelming.
As a Nutrition Consultant and Mom of three active kids, I know how chaotic your schedule can be! These recipe guides contain recipes that are easy to make and delicious to eat.

What's Included:

Smoothie Guide
Meals & Snacks
Meals & Snacks
Game Day

How will this make a difference?

Energy Levels

Does your young athlete feel low energy at times? Create sustainable energy with nutrition


Eating certain foods at certain times can make a huge difference in recovery efforts.

Injury Prevention

Nourishing the body consistently can help prevent injuries 


Know what to eat and when to fuel your ultimate performance!


"I can't thank you enough for your help in providing me and my family with amazing, healthy, nutritional tips that are not only easy to do/make, but totally delicious too! You've taken the stress out of figuring out what to feed my two athletes and provided options they enjoy and are the perfect fuel!"

Hockey Mom

I figured out that I could easily fuel my family and three athletic kids without it consuming me.

Sports Parent

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